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Album: 祢始终美好 Mandarin Lights

Album: 祢始终美好 Mandarin Lights

$ 10.00 

Enjoy Kellie’s music sung in Mandarin Chinese, plus chord charts and instrumental tracks for sing along in any language.


Considering the joys and sorrows we all face, this record was made with love for our Mandarin-speaking friends. As a former widow, I have found Hope. These songs point to this Hope, and the Hope draws us into a story bigger than ourselves so that the hardness of life will not crush us. 

In my darkest hours music has helped carry me through. So I wanted to make music that comes beside others as an expression for the times when there are no words, whether in the speechlessness of tragedy or of joy.

You will also find lyrics and song charts on the disc so you can sing and play the music together with your family and friends. I hope this record is an encouragement.

With joy and gratefulness,  Kellie

凯莉的话我们都面对快乐和悲伤,这盘录音是带着我们对说中文的朋友的爱而制作的。曾经失去丈夫的我,找到了盼望。这些歌曲都指向这个盼望,这盼望把我们带入一个更伟大浩瀚的故事中,好让我们不被人生的艰难所压垮。在我最黑暗的时刻,音乐帮助了我。所以我想让这些音乐成为他人的陪伴,愿那些在无法用语言表达的痛苦或欢乐中的人,可以用这些歌曲来表达他们心声。 这里有包括歌词和曲谱,您可以和您的家人和朋友一起唱歌或听音乐。我希望这个光盘给您带来激励。带着喜悦和感激之情,凯莉