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All Shall Be Well - A Ukulele Hymn Songbook

All Shall Be Well - A Ukulele Hymn Songbook

$ 15.00 

Get the companion songbook to Kellie's new album, All Shall Be Well!

A refreshing splash of 25 classic hymns arranged for ukulele and voice! 

Even if you are new to the ukulele these arrangements are great for any skill level. This hymn songbook is the perfect companion to the music of All Shall Be Well, play and sing right along with chords and tablature included for every song. You can either sing and strum the chords or simply play the melody. If you have more than one person playing the ukulele you can create great duets with one person strumming the chords and the other playing the melodies and ukulele solos as performed on the record. 

Have fun using this songbook to make beautiful music with your friends and family!

A great Christmas gift for the ukulele players you love!